Mind Your Own Business


This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, so we thought we’d explore how running a small business can affect mental health and wellbeing. Running a small business is not all plain sailing, it is full of ups and downs.  During successes and periods of growth it can be overwhelming.  During periods of uncertainty where losses can prevail, it can be depressing, anxiety inducing and isolating.  In a nut shell, owning and running a business will affect your mental health and wellbeing, it’s unavoidable.  Below we discuss a few ways small business owners can look after and improve their mental health:- The First Rule About Mental Health is to Talk About […]

What Can Star Wars Teach Small Business Owners?


Today it’s Star Wars Day and the world is celebrating one of the most famous movie franchises of all time.  The Star Wars movies have spanned decades and is still as fresh and relevant today, as it was when the first movie was released in 1977.  A story of good versus evil, rebellion, long lost family, friendly robots, walking carpets and of course, the force (an energy field created by all living things). So what does it all mean? Does the Galatic Empire represent today’s global corporate companies, crushing the High Street and local businesses as they colonise every country?  We’re not friends with George Lucas and therefore don’t have […]

‘Expansion! From Soletrader to Partnership in just 3 years’

That’s right, this month we welcome Shaun Baker to RH Small Business Support as a Business Consultant and fellow Partner. What started as a part-time venture to work around our young family, has developed into an exciting business. Demand for reliable, outsourced business support services has grown in Bristol, with the rise of more entrepreneurs starting new businesses.  Our affordable admin, marketing and web services give both support and flexibility for small business owners. Shaun has been working as an Operations Manager of a large Logistics company for the last eight years in a variety of areas, developing his broad range of skills.  The diverse variety of job roles will […]

Making Bristolians happier – Why we became a Bristol Pound member

As a very proud Bristolian, when I first heard the words ‘Bristol Pound’ and ‘local currency’, I must admit it was like you had me at Hello!  It was a case of where do I sign up?!  As I looked into the scheme it seemed too good to be true. A large and vibrant city like Bristol maintaining its own currency, change really can happen!  When I heard our first elected, independent Mayor, George Ferguson, was being paid his full salary in Bristol Pounds, it was all the endorsement I needed. I have to praise the genius of the person or people who came up with the Bristol Pound’s tagline […]