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Keep Calm, Keep Focused and Keep Local

Brexit has happened.  Party politics have started Wimbledon off early with in-house ball games and its now officially summertime, so the rain has kicked in!

So how are small businesses across the South West supposed to react?  Are we happy, relieved, disappointed, concerned, unsure or just bored with politics altogether?

One thing we can be sure of, it’s unknown territory.  Most of us aren’t aware of how the changes will effect our industries and customers.  So whilst we await any pending changes, remain positive and continue to drive your businesses forward.

Our message to small business owners and consumers across Bristol and the South West is simple – Keep Calm, Keep Focused and Keep it Local!  Life goes on.  We live in a wonderful city with a stable and growing economy. And, our local businesses and residents still need products and services.

Local business owners – keep focused, keep producing and look forward.

Bristolian’s – keep supporting your local businesses and making that extra effort to shop local whenever you can.

Bristol is a special city.  We are over 400,000 strong with our own currency in the Bristol Pound, we house one of the largest populations of Entrepreneurs in the UK, we have our own energy provider in Bristol Energy, a global graffiti artist in Banksy, spreading positivity around the world; and the best accent in the UK (that’s right me Babbers!).  So let’s get behind our beautiful City, love Bristol and support local businesses.

Let’s continue to support our local economy and it will support us back.

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